Dear white people…

I literally just had this conversation on FB with a new black.


To people that think being “racist against whites” is a thing….

I completely disagree with this. You can’t tell me black people can’t be racist when we’re actually extremely racist. By saying that black people can’t be racist, it’s implied that under no circumstances, anything that I do isn’t racist. If I was to call a middle eastern man a terrorist and pull off his turban, if he’s wearing one, claiming that there’s a bomb under it simply because he’s middle eastern, I’m not racist because I’m black. If I ask an Asian acquaintance of mine to help me on some math because he’s Asian (remember guys, Asians are great at math), I’m not racist cuz I’m black. If I hide all my valuable shit because some Hispanics came around(Hispanics are stereotypically thieves) or even ride up on a group of Hispanics and ask them how much it would be to fix my roof, I’m not racist cuz I’m black. Nigga please, black people are racist as fuck.

I actually agree with the comment just above mine. Black people can be racist. Any race can be racist to other races, even their own. I’ve heart light skin black people insult black people that are darker than them, and even heard a black guy calling an Indian boy a Paki,  which is an extremely racist term. A lot of black people are racist towards the white race also. Racism is back and forth. Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race. Any race can have that. Black people get a lot of stick just living in this world… I get that… I’ve been through it. but just look how many people back away from muslims/ someone who wears a turban and gets pulled over at the airport after 9/11. 

Dear POC…

(Source: this-bi-guy)


Tokyo Godfathers.

This my friends, is a masterpiece of a movie. Three homeless people, A runaway teen, a alcoholic father, and an ageing trans woman, are wandering the streets on Christmas eve, when they find a baby abandoned in a dump.  They decide to care for it, while they wander around trying to find her mother, meeting several oddballs on their way.

Directed my the great Satoshi Kon, this movie is a must watch for anybody! It’s hilarious, touching, and will have you at the edge of your seat by the end of the crazy journey! 

…Aaaaannd, now it’s on Netflix! If you don’t have it, you can also watch it here: http://www.goodanime.net/tokyo-godfathers-movie

Go watch it!

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